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Redefining the Game

At N-Ovate Solutions, our mission is to harness cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the sports industry, creating more connected and resilient communities. We aim to integrate sports with urban, educational, and governmental infrastructures, driving societal development and enhancing public welfare.


Through our innovative approach, we endeavor to set new standards for sports-centric digital transformation, contributing to the sustainable growth of both the industry and society at large.

People First Approach

​At N-Ovate, we prioritize people in our innovation strategy. We work closely with organizations to reengineer critical processes and design customized change strategies, accelerating adoption in government, education, and partnerships. Our approach involves engaging industry leaders and end-users to ensure a holistic perspective.

We understand that successful innovation goes beyond technology; it's about seamless integration and preparation within organizations, ensuring that technology is not only built but also effectively consumed and utilized. Our People-First approach sets us apart as a trusted partner in driving sustainable transformation.


We envision a future where sports and technology coalesce to create dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable communities, leading the charge in digital transformation and setting new standards in sports-centric innovation and infrastructure.

In this future, N-Ovate Solutions is at the forefront, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that sports remain a powerful catalyst for positive change and technological advancement globally.


Meet the Founder



Tye Hayes, the innovative Founder and CEO of N-Ovate Solutions, stands out as a leader in digital evolution within the sports industry. Her unique background, including a pivotal tenure with the United States Navy, has imbued her with a distinctive blend of discipline and strategic insight. At N-Ovate Solutions, Tye leverages this experience to drive transformative strategies, focusing on the intersection of technology, sports, government, and education, ensuring impactful societal and infrastructural advancements.

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